Wrong red scooter ride


Someone is driving a red and black mobility scooter that does not belong to them around Gore.

That person’s mobility scooter is parked at the Gore Police Station.

On Friday, February 5 the person mistakenly drove off on the scooter which was one of two parked outside the Countdown supermarket.

The other scooter belongs to a Parata Resthome resident.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, said when she came out of Countdown her scooter was gone and one in much better condition than hers was there.

”As soon as I walked out I thought, ‘that’s not mine’,” the resident said.

She had bought the scooter second-hand and did not know what make it was but could recognise it because it had been repaired.

The resident’s key fitted the scooter that was left at Countdown.

However she did not feel right about driving the scooter home because it was not hers, she said.

She would really like her scooter back.

”I had to get a taxi home, of course. Now it’s taxis if I want to go anywhere, which is very frustrating.”