Years at trust rewarding

Two terms...Wendonside man Lindsay Wright is retiring from the Community Trust South board after serving eight years. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Retiring Community Trust South board member Lindsay Wright has been amazed at the resourcefulness of people he has met in his time on the board.

The Wendonside man has served two terms of four years.

Mr Wright said one of the privileges of his role had been visiting projects.

“You just come away open-mouthed at the energy and effort and dedication that the community puts in,” Mr Wright said.

“It’s so rewarding seeing people achieve what they set out to achieve.”

Some of the projects, including the Switzers Museum rebuild, involved two generations of people committed to achieving a goal, he said.

The secret of the trust’s success was it partnered with the community to provide funding, he said.

“It enables [community members] to complete their project on their terms and if it’s on their terms, then they own it.”

There had been many highlights of his time on the trust, he said.

During the economic downturn of 2008-9 the trust kept investing in the community and depleted its capital base.

It had been satisfying to have been part of the team which had built the reserve back up, he said.

Another successful initiative of the trust had been the principal’s discretionary fund.

“We provide over half a million dollars to the schools of the community trust region for the principals to distribute as they see the need.

“We decided that it was better that they make the choices to where that money should go.”

Then there were projects like the Gore Kids Hub which had left an impression on him.

“Some young women got together and didn’t take no for an answer.

“That was an outstanding project.”