Young entrepreneurs . . . Menzies College pupils Latasha Reriti (15) Ahna Norman (15) Renee McLellan (16) Ryan Smith (16) Richard Ranstead (16) Keegan Knapp (16) Jacob Leith (16) and Commerce and Young Enterprise teacher Lincoln Joyce. PHOTO: JENNY DILLNER

Eight Menzies College pupils have been encouraged to be creative, use their ingenuity and think outside the box this year.

As part of the Lion Foundation’s Young Enterprise Scheme (Yes) they were given the challenge of creating and running different areas of a company, choosing a product, marketing it and selling the product to the public.

Menzies’ commerce and young enterprise teacher Lincoln Joyce said he was very proud of his pupils’ progress.

“This is usually a year 12 and 13 course; these children are year 11.

“They have had nothing but positive feedback from their business mentors in Invercargill and the young enterprise co-ordinator.

“It provides them with great skills for the future.”

Yes was created to help young people thrive in both business and life.

The enterprise programmes used a combination of teachers and members of the business community to provide an experience that was both authentic and relevant to the world they lived in.

One of the pupils, Countryside Colouring Book chief executive officer Richard Ranstead, said it was a great opportunity.

“It shows what we can do in the future if we decide to go down this road,” Richard said.

Products made by the pupils this year were:

  • All Round Bags, handy carrying bags made from stock feed bags, $5.
  • Countryside Colouring Book, illustrated by the art class, 100 copies printed and published, selling for $10.
  • Bee Clean Co, bee-product food wraps, made, marketed and sold by Jacob Leith for $20.

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