Well spotted . . . Riversdale lad Sam Butler (11) heard a loud sound at his house near the corner of Devon and Newcastle streets on Thursday afternoon and when he went to check noticed the crossbar on the power pole behind him was knocked down by a passing tractor towing a large trailer. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

Quick thinking by Riversdale lad Sam Butler could easily have prevented a serious incident on the town’s main street.

Sam (11) said he had returned home from a bike ride about 5.20pm on Thursday when he heard a loud noise.

“I heard this wallop sound,” Sam said.

“It was straight after a tractor had gone past and it sounded like it had hit a tree or something.”

He ran to the end of Devon St, looked down Newcastle St towards Gore and noticed a crossbar with power lines attached had been knocked off a pole about 30m down the street.

He saw “the power lines dangling down”.

In the distance, a John Deere tractor was pulling a trailer that looked like a shipping container on wheels, which had a flag attached to it, he said.

“It must have hit the power lines.”

Rushing back home, he told his mother Cheryl.

“She went and had a look and then dialled 111.”

Riversdale Volunteer Fire Brigade station officer Ewan McLeay said in some places the power lines were about 2m to 3m off the ground.

“A truck or bus would have hit them .. a stock truck would take them out,” Mr McLeay said.

It was hard to speculate what would have happened if another vehicle had hit the wires but the potential was there for someone to be electrocuted, he said.

A large bus was one of the first vehicles to be diverted away from the section of road by a member of the public, who helped direct traffic before fire brigade members arrived.

Traffic was directed to side streets for about an hour while Powernet fixed the crossbar and wires back to the pole.

“It [was] too dangerous for vehicles to go under there,” Mr McLeay said.

It was fortunate Sam went to investigate when he heard the bang.

“It was a good effort by young Sam,” Mr McLeay said.

Inquiries were continuing to identify the driver of the tractor.Sneakers StoreAir Jordan III (3) Retro ‘Black Flip’ – Even More Images