‘Zoom slide’ may be numbered


Themlma Williams has been letting the public on to her land to play on her “zoom slide” for five years – but this could be coming to an end, she says.

Mrs Williams has lived on the property in Terry Rd, Upper Charlton, for the past 15 years but moved into town this week.

The fate of the zoom slide was still undecided, she said.

Mrs Williams said the house on the land was sold as well as 2 hectares of land, leaving her with 15ha.

“We [put] it up this year since I was winding up the farm, but we don’t know from here.”

Mrs Williams said the zoom slide was originally opened for the Scout group to have fun on.

“My husband was killed five years ago and the Scouts wanted to do it as a memorial.”

The slide had been used almost every year since “just for the enjoyment and seeing kids have fun”.

“It’s just something that we’ve done to let the kids have fun, with a Sunday barbecue and a few drinks – it’s been lovely,” she said.

Over the years she had seen “probably around 500-odd people, but it could have been closer to 1000”, come and play on the slide.

There was a post on social media each year to let people know about the slide, she said.

“Once it’s up, it’s up for a couple of months .. Once [people] get out here they bring their friends back.

The slide had no age limit, she said.

“Anybody’s welcome – mums, dads, nanas and grandads even go down the slide with the kids on their legs.

“It’s the fun of living on a farm.”

Although Mrs Williams no longer lives on the farm, the slide would be left in place for at least another month, she said.

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