Charity work gives sense of achievement

A Gore resident who spends her days volunteering says she is happy to serve the community she lives in.
Shirley Deans has been volunteering at the Gore Salvation Army Family Store for six years.
Volunteering at the store gave her a great sense of achievement, Mrs Deans said.
‘‘The people inGore are extremely generous.’’
That was reflected in the quality of items they were able to put in the shop, she said.
‘‘But people must realise that there’s a lot of work that goes in [from] the time the goods are donated to us to the time they hit the shop shelf.’’
The items are sorted to a level that is acceptable for sale.
‘‘With the amount of stuff that comes in here, that’s no mean feat.’’
Mrs Deans said volunteers were needed across a wide range of skills and came from all walks of life.
‘‘A lot of shops wouldn’t run without volunteers.’’
She said there was a great deal of satisfaction when someone bought an item she sorted.
Mrs Deans is also a member of the Salvation Army and said volunteering fitted in with her Christianity.
Volunteers did not work at the Salvation Army with the end result of making money but the end result of providing service to the community, she said.
‘‘It’s very nice to know that there are people that are committed to their community.’’

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