More than 30 years of making music


Music is still alive for a Mataura music group which has been together for more than 30 years. The Third Thursday Music Group began in 1984, when the members met at their houses to play keyboard. Group member Shirley Wilson said about eight players joined the group when it started. In 1986, the group had 40 members. ‘‘It got too big, so we went out to the RSA,’’ Mrs Wilson said. The group attracted members from Invercargill and Tapanui not long after it started. The group had 25 members about six years ago but that had now reduced to about eight. The group, which was started by Andrena Hattrill, formerly of Mataura, plays easy listening music suitable for rest-homes. ‘‘People have come and played and moved on,’’ she said. Most members are former Mataura residents who now live in Gore.spy offersbalerínky