Green gardens... You can call Mr Green area managers Jack and Toni-Ann McIntosh on (03) 208-8280. PHOTO: THE ENSIGN

If your section needs tidying or has become too big for you to manage, then Mr Green can help.

Mr Green is a nationwide franchise-based company. It was established in 1992 and is New Zealand-owned and developed.

are the regional managers in Gore and have a team of seven franchisees in the area who can tidy your garden or mow lawns on a regular basis to keep them looking neat.

Well-established throughout Eastern and Northern Southland from Gore, Mataura, Wyndham and Edendale to Balfour and Riversdale, Mr Green has been helping people with their gardening for more than 20 years now.

Franchisees did a lot of work for elderly people who found their section had become too big for them or professional people who did not have time to maintain their properties, Mr McIntosh said.

“People have busy lives and that’s where we step in. We can offer total property maintenance to keep the place looking good or we can do one-off jobs,” he said.

“Once a Mr Green team member is looking after your property, you can expect professional service to an exceptionally high standard, on a regular basis.”

Mrs McIntosh said Mr Green had a gardening team headed by Steve Allen.

“We can visit regularly to maintain gardens or could do one-off visits to establish or tidy your gardens,” Mrs McIntosh said.

“Heading away on holiday and wanting your property to look pristine when you get back? No worries. Mr Green can take care of that.”

“We can take care of soil conditioning and composting, trim hedges, shrubs and trees, rose pruning, carry out winter maintenance on plants and even do the rotary-hoeing,” she said.

The gardening team and the lawnmowing franchisees are busy all year round and take pleasure in looking after their clients.

Lawnmowing franchisees in the Gore area are Colin Dickens, Brian Nicholl, Graham Waddell, Leith Campion, Steven Fallowfield, Shane Gregory and Chris Kubala.Adidas shoesWoman Shoes