Taking on visiting Canadian team


Their sport to help improve the competitiveness of other nations,’’ Scott said.
‘‘Hockey Canada has responded to this by allowing Toronto/Leaside Girls Hockey Association (TLGHA) to adopt New Zealand and other minnow nations with a view towards developing female players,’’ she said.
The team playing the New Zealand side is one of Canada’s competitive age group teams from 2016.
Since 2011, the Leaside club and York University have been billeting New Zealand players in Toronto during their winter.
Scott said they had provided playing and training opportunities for these players.
‘‘To date, 15 participants have been hosted, all of whom have gone on to represent New Zealand at world championships.’’
She said the New Zealand side would be made up of young up and coming female players.
Players from Southern, Canterbury and Auckland had attended training camps in Dunedin in December and Auckland in April.
Scott said the players had also got some experience by attending the elite women’s training camp at Lake Tekapo, where the New Zealand Ice Fernz were selected.
‘‘The visit is a way for New Zealand to reciprocate Leaside’s hospitality in a meaningful way,’’ she said.
After an initial invitation to the Canadians from the Canterbury Ice Hockey Association (CIHA) the Cantabrians have managed to bring the side to the South Island in conjunction with the Southern Region.
The Canadians will arrive in Canterbury, where they will be hosted by the CIHA and involved in hockey games against local invitational sides. There will also be a visit to amarae and various other activities.
The next week they will come to Gore and play the international three-day series.
Accompanying the TLGHA are two professional ice hockey coaches from Ryerson University in Toronto.
They will be offering coaching opportunities to clubs involved with hosting the tour.
‘‘Vanessa Stratton and Kori Cheverie are both high performance trainers working with athletes of all levels to improve their performance,’’ Scott said.
Spectators are welcome at both events. – Competition times and details will be on the Ice Sports Southland Facebook page ‘‘Ice Sports Southland — Gore Ice Rink’’.Nike shoesAsics Onitsuka Tiger