Town and around ... Duncan Cairncross in his LVVTA electric Roadster, which he says is a good town vehicle. PHOTOS: AMANDA CARRINGTON

An electric “fun toy car” built by Duncan Cairncross is back on the road.

The Gore man said the 2013 Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (LVVTA) Roadster was taken off the road last year after its batteries were damaged by water.

He repaired the car and took it for a run last Friday.

It took him three to four years to build the vehicle.

“Electric cars are definitely the way to go.

“[The] price … is going down and petrol prices will only go up.”

The Roadster had a range of only 60km and an electric vehicle with a range of 150 to 200km range was preferable in Southland, he said.

A Tesla model which had a 300km range would be a useful electric car – a car Mr Cairncross aspired to own.

The Roadster has Chevrolet Volt batteries which drive a motor taken from a forklift.

“Many electric cars have a much more sophisticated engine system, but they cost a lot of money.

“I tend to do things on the cheap if I can.”

The vehicle features suspension from an old Subaru, an Open ReVolt controller and batteries from the United States.

Quirky ... Duncan Cairncross' LVVTA Roadster has a range of 60km. PHOTO: AMANDA CARRINGTON
Quirky … Duncan Cairncross’ LVVTA Roadster has a range of 60km. PHOTO: AMANDA CARRINGTON

Mr Cairncross made the bonnet and the chassis.

The mudguards are from an old trailer.

The car’s seatbelts allow it to be used on a race track.

Batteries for electric cars were still developing, he said.

Batteries imported from China tended to fail, Mr Cairncross said, and the Roadster was now powered by lithium ion batteries which had 252 cells of eight unit modules.

The Roadster boasts smart acceleration, reaching 100kmh in just five to six seconds.

Mr Cairncross is a member of the Gore Cobra Rodders, which holds its annual drag races in February.

Everyone was welcome to watch or take part.url cloneNike Air Max 270