Woodland garden continues to evolve

Two years later ... Anne Hunt in the foreground of an area that she has grassed and the steps leading down were once covered in leaves and Ivy.

Anne and David Hunt have accomplished massive changes to the woodland garden on their East Gore property since The Ensign wrote about it two years ago.

Mrs Hunt said over that time they had been clearing and building on what they had.

“We have cut out and thinned trees, enabling the trees we did leave to develop.

“There were no flowers at all, and we have done loads of planting.”

Many of the plants have self-seeded, helping to create colour and fill in the spaces.

“Foxgloves and aquilegias (granny bonnets) especially, but I don’t mind as they remind me of England.”

This year’s project has been to landscape and build the steps, and plant the slope.

“I am lucky that David is more than capable to help with the construction and irrigation work.

“I couldn’t do it without him.”

Gardening to Mrs Hunt is being able to create something from nothing.

“Taking on an overgrown garden and establishing it has been an enormous job, but one I have found extremely satisfying.

“Creation more than maintenance.”

Living on a hill, overlooking treetops, makes it seem they are living in the country.

“What I like is we are living slap-bang in the middle of Gore and you would never know it,

“Gore has a great garden community,” Mrs Hunt said.