Big Win . . . Blue Mountain College AgriKids team (from left) Riley Hill (13), Dylan Young(12) & Charlie Ottrey (12) at the West Otago A& P Show last November during an early leg of the AgriKids competition they won on Friday

There are no woolly thinkers among the West Otago Rams.

The self-named Blue Mountain College team won the AgriKids national title last Friday.

Team coach and teacher Kirsten McIntyre said it was the second year in a row Blue Mountain College had won the AgriKids competition.

“They did really well,” Miss McIntyre said.

“It was really exciting.”

The team consisted of pupils Riley Hill (13), Dylan Young (12) and Charlie Ottrey (12).

They felt “pretty stoked”.

The boys had worked hard and put in a lot of effort, she said.

“The win makes all the hard work worth it.”

The initial rounds of the competition were held before the Covid-19 lockdown.

The lockdown meant she had been uncertain whether the event would go ahead this year.

“I think Young Farmers did a great job putting something on this year.”

Friday’s grand final was held online, a new but necessary format for the competition this year.

“It’s normally quite practical,” Miss McIntyre said.

There were seven modules to complete.

Each module was sponsored.

The boys had to think quickly in the buzzer round, which involved the top five teams.

“It was quite difficult.”

The West Otago Rams also completed a one-hour written exam together.

The team was also given a more hands-on task.

This was to design a model farm thinking about how it would operate.

“They had to be quite creative.

“They used macaroni and pipe cleaners.”

The model farm was based on sheep milking.

The boys had also given it extra features, such as a deer hunting lodge to generate extra revenue.

AgriKids success seems to run in families.

Two of the boys in this year’s team had older brothers who were in last year’s winning team, Miss McIntyre said.Sportswear free shippingnike fashion