Washpen... World shearing attempt contender Megan Whitehead (back right) watches as (clockwise from left) Olivia Fox, John Hunter Ben Fox, and Blair Butler wash lambs preparing them for Thursday’s record attempt. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The lambs are crutched and washed in the countdown to Megan Whitehead’s world record shearing attempt.

About an hour before dawn tomorrow, the 24-year-old will start her quest to break Emily Welch’s record of 648, set in 2007.

Grant’s woolshed at Croydon Bush, near Gore, is the venue for the event, which is being organised by Miss Whitehead’s father Quentin.

When The Ensign spoke to Mr Whitehead on Monday before going to print, he said preparations were well under way.

There will be four judges for the event, one of whom will view the attempt via videolink.

The judges were due to inspect the sheep today.

“They will draft 20 lambs out and they’re weighed to make sure they’ve got the required wool weight,” Mr Whitehead said.

The judges would also check the size of the catching pen.

“It has to be big enough to hold 22 lambs.”

A builder had altered the size of the pen.

“We don’t want [Megan] running any further than she needs to catch the lambs.”

Platinum Shearing shearers had crutched the lambs, removing only enough wool so the shorn area fitted within a template.

“We’ve got real professionals doing the crutching.”

The judges would inspect the lambs to make sure the right amount of wool had been taken off and if too much had gone, the lamb would be rejected for the attempt.

The weather for the event was looking good, which came as a relief.

“That’s the only thing we can’t control.

“We’ve controlled everything else.

“We’ve bred the lambs, washed the lambs dealt is an absolute gift.”

Miss Whitehead said she could not wait for tomorrow but “was nervous as well”.

She had two days of shearing at the weekend.

“[I was] trying to concentrate on my pattern.”MysneakersSneakers – ΦΘΗΝΑ ΠΑΠΟΥΤΣΙΑ 2020