Grim evidence...Arthurton farmers Brent and Carron Wallace found this partly eaten hogget in the paddock beside their drive and are blaming a wandering dog for its death and that of a ewe in another paddock.PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

An Arthurton farmer is concerned the dog that killed two of his sheep and injured four more will kill again.

The sheep belonged to Brent and Carron Wallace and were found on Monday.

Mr Wallace said the couple were leaving for Gore at lunchtime when Mrs Wallace noticed a dead hogget in the paddock beside the drive.

“I saw all the wool there,” Mr Wallace said.

“I stopped and I walked over there and I said ‘no there’s been a damn dog’.”

As they travelled down the road Mrs Wallace saw a dead ewe on the hillside.

On their return Mr Wallace went around the sheep and found evidence of the dog attack near the dead ewe.

“There’s a fresh pool of blood there on the ground.

“There’s dog footprints in the mud.

“There’s a circle where it’s had the sheep down and been going round and round.”

A hogget which had been in the paddock with the ewe was still missing.

Eighteen hoggets had been in the paddock by the drive and apart from the hogget that was killed four were injured.

“The wool’s all ripped off.”

The dog had eaten part of the carcass of the hogget.

“I presume that one might have been the first one.

“It’s had quite a feed off the neck.”

The attack must have happened overnight, he said.

He had not heard dogs barking.

Mr Wallace was concerned if the dog was still loose more sheep would be killed.

“Once they get a taste for blood it could keep coming back.

“Who’s to know it won’t come back tonight and have another attack?”

It was disappointing to lose the hogget, which was worth about $150.

“A ewe is probably worth more.”

He did not know where the dog could have come from or if more than one dog was involved.

He rang 111 to report the crime but after logging details of the incident the operator suggested he call the district council.

He rang the Clutha District Council but the person he spoke to said there was nothing much that could be done unless the dog returned.latest Running Sneakersシューズ