Handy tips . . . Waikaka farmer Pip Wilson (front pink headband) demonstrates how to work sheep with her dogs at a Feel Good Field Day organised by the Otago Southland regional Young Farmers members. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

How to cook easy tasty meals was demonstrated at one of the stalls during a Feel Good Field Day on Tuesday.

The field day at the Southern Field Days Waimumu site, was organised by the Otago Southland regional Young Farmers members.

About 150 people attended the day.

Regional chairwoman Chloe Belfield said the event focused on promoting health and well-being.

“[As well as] providing opportunities for young farmers and other people to engage, connect and develop resources to assist with our well-being,” Ms Belfield said.

People who attended could wander about 12 stands where there was demonstrations and information available.

The format of the day was very successful, she said.

“Every person I can see around here is talking to different people and having good conversations that are valuable.”

Mt Linton Station cook Justine Broughton and relief cook Louise Wallace demonstrated shortcuts to prepare meals without spending too much time in the kitchen.

“It’s simple throw in the pot, throw in the oven and it’s all done [meals],”Mrs Broughton said.

“Part of feeling good is being fed well,” Mrs Wallace said.

It was very important people ate well when they were working hard, they said.

“If they don’t get a decent meal inside them then at the end of the day they are not going to be working at their best capacity,” Mrs Broughton said.

Sheep and beef farmer Meghan Woodrow and truck driver Eddie Duncan of Curio Bay enjoyed the event.

“It’s been to good catch up with a lot of friends and… to get off the farm and have a look at different things,” Ms Woodrow said.

Mr Duncan said he learned a lot watching Pip Wilson work the sheep with her dogs.