Delighted to win ‘awesome’ contest


Vintage tractor enthusiast Jack Stanton (16) won his first ploughing competition recently.

He won the classic ploughing section at the Thornbury Tractor and Implement Competition.

“I’d had a few practice matches but this was my first real match,” Jack said.

Jack had always been interested in vintage machinery and had been a member of the Edendale Vintage Machinery Club since he was young, he said.

“I have always been into tractors.”

Eighteen months ago Jack bought and restored his first tractor. Shortly after that he bought another one to restore.

His father was passionate about vintage machinery and had passed his passion on to Jack, he said.

“Dad taught me everything I know.”

Jack had always wanted to compete in ploughing.

“I haven’t had the time until now.”

He worked with New Zealand vintage ploughing champion Alistair Rutherford, of Waimumu, to perfect his ploughing skills for the match.

“We did practice matches. You have to practise getting as straight as you can and the right depth.”

Jack was surprised when he found out he had won.

“I was stoked.”

“Being able to win was good considering there was people that had been doing it longer than me. I might have annoyed a few people.”

Jack said he was nervous going into his first competitive match.

“It was a bit daunting.”

In the classic class he competed against people his age right up to people in their 50s and 60s, he said.

He had a lot of fun during the first competition.

“I enjoyed it, it was .. awesome.”

Jack also learnt a lot from competing.

“There is a fair art in starting and finishing – that’s the bit you need to know how to do.”

He had also met like-minded people who gave him advice.

“They were all really nice people to deal with and they were always willing to help.”

Jack was looking forward to entering his next competition.

“I definitely will enter more competitions; it’s less daunting now,” he said.Sportswear DesignPatike – Nike Air Jordan, Premium, Retro Klasici, Sneakers