No wheat yield title bid after extra dry season


A local farmer who planned to try to win back his title for achieving the highest wheat yield has changed his plans because of the drier than usual season.
Mike Solari, a cropping farmer from Otama, had entered the Guinness World Records competition for achieving the highest wheat yield, which he won in 2007 and then again in 2010, when he beat his own record.
Mr Solari entered again this year with hopes of regaining his title after his record was beaten last year but has abandoned his attempt after a record dry season.
This year he harvested wheat on January 21 and 22, the earliest he recalled harvesting wheat and two months ahead of the usual time, Mr Solari said.
The extended spell of dry weather prevented the grain from filling out and it had to be harvested early.
“One week the leaves were green and the next they were brown.”
In 2007 his farm received 112mm of rain in November but last November only 45mm was recorded, he said.
You “just have to take the seasons as they come and look at the positives”, Mr Solari said.
Although his wheat had not been as good as usual this year, his peas had done very well – “we got 25 tonne more than last year off the same area”.
Every year was different and he was looking forward to seeing what the next would bring, Mr Solari said.Best SneakersWoman Shoes