Record result for hockey club’s fundraising day

Recognised. . . Peter Corcoran receives a gift of thanks from Waikaka Hockey Club life member Pauline Weir (left) and president Frances Calvert at the town’s annual hay day on Friday. PHOTO: LIZ O’CONNELL

The Waikaka Hockey Club recorded its highest ever take at its annual hay day last week.

The auction event is organised by the club but involves many people in the community.

President Frances Calvert said the auction raised $18,149 which was up about $3000 from last year.

“The baleage went for $152 a bale.

“That’s unheard of.”

Fewer bales were donated but because there was a shortage of winter feed people paid higher prices than usual, she said.

It was “fantastic’ because the club would use the funds to support members of the community who needed help, she said.

Peter Corcoran has been helping transport baleage and hay to the event for about 21 years.

He was presented with a gift recognising his service.

His business Peter Corcoran Contracting sends two truck and trailer units to collect the items on the morning of the auction.

It was a surprise to receive the recognition, Mr Corcoran said.

“I wasn’t expecting any of that.

“You don’t really do it for that.”

It was a good community fundraiser, he said.

His parents had also been involved in the hay day which had been going since 1975.

It took about four hours to collect the auction items and the distance covered was about 140km, he said.

Waikaka Transport delivered the hay and baleage in the afternoon to its new owners.

Club life member Pauline Weir said farmers used to bring the small bales in on the back of a truck or trailer.

However, when they started making large bales of hay and baleage the support for the competition dropped because it was not as easy to get the bales to the auction.

It was Mr Corcoran’s idea to collect the bales.

Mrs Weir said the hay day would not be what it is today without him collecting the auction items.

“Each year it just keeps getting bigger,” she said.

After 10 days of wet weather people were glad to have a social event to go to, Mrs Weir said.

“It was very much a wonderful day.”