Snow not the only arrival


Rosie (Richmore Kiss n Tell), a mare at ReidLand Stud near Riversdale, was due to have her foal on Monday but held off until the snowy weather.

Katie Sutherland, a co-owner of the stud, said during the spring she had heard a lot of mares had been holding on a bit longer before going into labour due to the weather.

Rosie, a 17-year-old Anglo-Arab Welsh cross, is 14.2 hands high and has given birth to three foals under the care of previous owners.

“Her foals are all very successful and one has been retained as a colt,” Miss Sutherland said.

She said as soon as she saw the forecast for snow she knew there would be a foal coming.

“Rosie is an excellent mother as she hates rain and snow and insists on staying in her stable.

“When I went out and checked her before I went to bed [on Tuesday night] it was starting to snow at 10pm and much to my surprise Rosie was outside walking around picking at the grass, which is extremely out of the ordinary given her dislike for rain.”

“We just leave the stable open for her to choose if she wants in. They tend to foal where they feel most comfortable so we were confident she would foal in there.”

Miss Sutherland said Rosie gave birth to a chestnut colt at 5.10am on Wednesday, despite the snow.

“Rosie had a foaling alarm on which means as soon as she sits down an alarm goes off in my house so I can go out and be with her.

“The alarm hadn’t gone off at 4.50am so I went out to check on her. Not much was happening and I had just got back in at 10 past 5 when my alarm started going off.

“I got out just in time to see the birth.”

Despite the cold, the foal was happy and healthy, she said.Running SneakersMens Nike Sneakers