Qualified...Mother and daughter team Lucy and Tina Elers of Mataura were awarded Shearing Sports New Zealand judges badges for wool handling at the Southern Shears on Friday. PHOTO:KAYLA HODGE

Tina Elers enjoyed a special moment with her daughter Lucy on Friday when they were presented with Shearing Sports New Zealand judges’ badges for woolhandling at the Southern Shears.

Ms Elers said it was wonderful to receive the badge.

“It was just a proud moment for us, mother and daughter being presented with these badges,” Ms Elers said.

Working in the shearing shed was something she loved to do, Ms Elers said.

“We’re absolutely passionate about what we do.

“That’s what drives us.

“If we weren’t passionate we wouldn’t even turn up. That’s what gets me out of bed every morning to go to work.”

She and her daughter had been learning how to judge for the past year.

“We go in behind an official judge and they teach us that way – shadow judging, it’s called,” Ms Elers said.

For a show like the Southern Shears there were 10 judges.

“We’ve got five judges out the front and then there’s five at the back.”

Lucy had her first go at competing on Friday in the novice section but Ms Elers often took part as a competitor.

“I got involved in the judging side of things to give back to the industry.”

Judging involved watching for areas where woolhandlers did not complete the work satisfactorily.

“Like if all the short wool wasn’t removed out of the crutch and it contaminates the fleece, that’s a fault .. [and] at the end if they do a tidy-up and there is any wool left on the floor, they are penalised.”Best Authentic Sneakers30 Teddy Bear Coat Outfits to Brave the Cold in Style