US ships welcome, despite activists


There have been some cataclysmic events in the last fortnight that will certainly be written into the history books to be studied and referred to for a long time to come.
The first was the surprise election of Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States of America.
If he instigates some of his controversial policies in full, commentators will analysing their affect not only on the US but also New Zealand and the rest of the world long after his presidency is over.
Closer to home, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake with its epicentre near Culverden severely damaged property, roads and infrastructure plus all the other things the earthquake had no respect for in north Canterbury and Marlborough as it continued its path of destruction all the way to Wellington.
Our hearts go out to those stoic people up there as they clean up the mess and rebuild their lives and livelihoods.
I’m sure if Federated Farmers call for assistance Southland farmers will respond in any way they can.
Another momentous event was the resumption of US warships visiting New Zealand after an absence of 25 years, which coincided with our navy’s 75th anniversary and celebrations.
The U.S.S. Samson, before it could dock in Auckland, was offering help with the earthquake recovery at Kaikoura by dispatching two helicopters to take stranded tourists back home.
However, to the so-called peace movement that doesn’t count and they were on hand with their flotilla of small craft and rubber ducks protesting about the whole exercise as they had been at the weapons expo a few days before. I think it is hypocritical when people who brand themselves as peace activists
at the first opportunity aggressively clash with the police who stand to uphold the rule of law when these misguided people want to take the law into their own hands and undermine the democratic process.
Dr Martin Luther King’s peace marches were controlled, passive and credible.
On the topic of activists, once again it’s been open season for the vigilante groups Safe and Farmwatch to bag farmers for their handling of calves with dated TV footage. Five million dairy cows calve every year and unfortunately they pounce on someone who has let the side down with one calf being abused
and, knowing how to work the media, they expose to the nation this as normal practice.
The cartoonists of some of the large metropolitan papers then went on with their pen, drawing subtle, scathing impressions on dairying that can leave lasting effects on urban readers based on ignorance.
Like the peace movement, these so-called animal welfare groups have an ulterior motive as vegans and vegetarians to close down every animal-rearing farm in the country. But farmers are stirring and starting to fight back using the Privacy Act to outlaw hidden cameras.short url linkMiesten keng├Ąt laajasta valikoimasta