30 teams enter MLT league


The main competition started for MLT League Cricket on Wednesday last week, with good weather again. There are 30 teams on the roster this year, split into 14 teams for section one and 16 in section two. League cricket coordinator John Paterson said it was great to see six new teams entered — all with very imaginative names. The competition began with a hiss and a roar for Gang Green with their 130-run win over Candy Bars, Paterson said. ‘‘They scored five half centuries and a well constructed four from Shanko. Same story for the Cunning Stumps with their win over Bring Back the Biff who scored five 50s and plus 10 runs from Fraser,’’ he said. Where’s the Beers provided a very symmetrical scoreboard in their loss to Shot Gunner — three players scored 52s while the other three scored zeros. ‘‘Lex Wholers of GASS will wish he hadn’t after his team got a bit of a thrashing from Pick 6. He bowled seven balls for 42 runs.’’  Paterson thanked Bing at the Traffers for the great barbecue, and the whitebait raffle went down a treat.Sports brandsnike fashion