Deerstalkers hold annual prizegiving


The Gore branch of the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association had its annual prizegiving last Friday night.

Branch president Richard Moate said the prizegiving went well and was an enjoyable night.

“I think the quality [of entries] was higher than other seasons,” Moate said.

“We had a really great fallow that weighed up to a 230 Douglas score,” he said.

According to the NZDA website, the Douglas score is used by hunters in New Zealand and Australia. The scoring system was developed by Norman Douglas, a member of the New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association, and adopted by the NZDA as its official scoring system in 1959. Trophies are judged on the number of points and the spread of the antlers.

“Ironically, we had two tahr entered and they both drew first place in the best tahr section [Speden Trophy].

“They were dead equal.”

Tony Nicholson and Tim Standford were joint winners of the Speden Trophy for their tahrs as well as placing third-equal in the national competition.

“Glen Dickson was our overall winner this year, with pig tusks that had a red deer-equivalent Douglas score of 350.”

Dickson also won the best pig award on the night.

“We are pleased with it all. We had some really good results and we got some generous sponsorship too.

“Hunting and Fishing gave us some prizes for the raffles and All Tyres also gave us a set of 4×4 tyres worth $1200.

“We were really excited about the raffle.

“A huge thank-you to those sponsors.”

As well as the prizegiving, the branch carried out the ballot for its March 2018 hunting blocks.


Des Gutschlag Memorial Cup / best Glenaray head: Trevor Cross, red deer, Douglas score 2783/8

Barclay Trophy , best red deer: Evan Ferris, Douglas score 306/8

Milne Trophy / best head by a veteran: Peter Kubala, fallow deer

McBride Trophy / best chamois head: Tony Nicholson

Ayers Trophy / best fallow head: Peter Kubala

ESDA Trophy / best head junior: Josh Cooper, fallow deer / red deer, Douglas score 2764/8

Skerret Trophy / best head overall: Glen Dickson, pig tusks, Douglas score equivalent of 350

Grant Trophy / best pig tusks: Glen Dickson

Speden Trophy / best tahr:Tony Nicholson, Tim Standford joint winners

Hugh Briggs trophy / best goat: Peter Welsh

Best Waikaia head: Evan Ferris

Young Deerstalker of the Year:Sam McGuiganbuy shoesNike