Focused . . . Titans player Erin Howes has her eye on the ball during her games team against the Tigers on Saturday at the Gore diamond. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The Titans won both games of a softball double-header at Gore on Saturday.

The Gore team beat the Demons 7-1 and the Tigers 8-3. Both opponents are from Invercargill.

Player-coach Peter Howes said the scores were no reflection of how tight the contest was.

“They were pretty close, to be fair,” Howes said.

“We just away got away from them in the end.”

The game was closed to spectators because of Covid-19 Alert Level 2 restrictions.

In the first game, short stop Lockie Brenssell was player of the match.

“He was a solid fielder outs and batted really well.”

In the second game, Howes was player of the match.

The Tigers fielded well and put pressure on the Titans players as they ran between bases.

After running out the player heading from base one to two, the Tigers threw the ball to base one to run out the batter there too.

“They got three double outs.”

Mark Payne also played well in both games.

“He batted .. really well.”

Five of the seven runs scored in the first game came when it was Payne’s turn to bat.

The team has not had a loss this season.