Dancing feet . . Dancers Kiera Ferguson and Ben Heaps took sixth place in the C grade junior level New Vogue style at the 73rd Australian Dance Sport Championships last week.PHOTO: RACHEL FERGUSON

Gore dancing duo Kiera Ferguson and Ben Heaps are stunned with the medal they won in an Australian dancing competition.

In their first taste of the international dance scene, Kiera (14) and Ben (15), of Rachel’s Dance Studio, came sixth in the C grade junior level New Vogue event at the 73rd Australian Dance Sport Championship last week.

They competed against more than 35 dancers in their grade and were shocked to make the final.

“I couldn’t believe it when they read out our names. I thought ‘did they mean to say that’,” Kiera said.

They barely expected to make it through the round-robin competition which made their success even more remarkable.

“We’re really chuffed to get where we did,” Ben said.

New Vogue had become one of the couple’s strongest dance styles.

They also competed in the C grade junior ballroom and Latin divisions.

They placed 10th in Latin and came seventh equal in ballroom, only one point off making it to the finals of ballroom.

The duo also competed in the open junior events where they finished eighth in New Vogue, 17th in ballroom and 18th in Latin.

Ben was rapt with the opportunities arising from attending the competition.

“It was just amazing to see everyone competing – there was a para-dance section where they had Philippines Got Talent performers who are world champs performing. They were amazing and it was so inspiring to see things like that,” he said.

Kiera was delighted to be exposed to a high level of dance in the international arena.

“It was really inspiring to see such a high standard of dance. Everyone’s there for the same thing, their love of dance and to show off their skills.”

Kiera and Ben have performed together for the past four years. They said the past year had been their best.

Earlier in the year, they won the junior level one ballroom and New Vogue titles at the New Zealand Open Dance Championships.

The key to their success this season was dedication.

“We’ve trained really hard all year round. We’ve had a lot of great support behind us from the local community and we’ve been more dedicated this year,” Ben said.

The pair will separate this weekend to take their dance exams, as they are at different levels.

Kiera is sitting her “four bars to gold star” exam in three dance styles while Ben will tackle his advanced silver exam in three dance styles.

The exams will be held at Rachel’s Dance Studio in Gore. All exams are open to the public to view on Saturday and Sunday.Best SneakersBoots