Eye on the ball – hole in 1 missing one ingredient


When Wyndham Golf Club member Nathan Chilton scored the uncommon feat of a hole in one last week, he missed seeing the ball roll into the hole.

The achievement happened on the Gore Golf Club’s 17th hole during a midweek round.

Chilton said after he teed off with a No 8 iron he watched the ball sail through the air.

“I timed it sweetly and it was in the air, so I turned my back on it.”

He glanced back and saw the ball bounce on the green but turned away again before it stopped moving.

His friend, Simon Ballantyne, told him the ball had gone in the hole.

“You’re kidding me,” Chilton said to his friend.

The 17th hole was a 145m par 3, Chilton said.

In his younger days he had played sport very competitively but as he grew older his attitude had changed. That was why he was not disappointed about not seeing the ball roll into the hole, he said.

“I treat sport as an entertainment and an enjoyment.”

However, he was pleased with his efforts.

“It was special because people don’t get to do it all the time – there’s golfers out there better than me who have never got one.”

His father had introduced him and his brother to golf when they were at primary school and the trio would sometimes go out for a hit on a Sunday, he said.

“That’s how we learned – everything was self-taught.”

He had a 20 handicap, which he wanted to improve on, but didn’t have the time to play regularly because of work commitments, he said.

” I can go for six weeks without playing.”

He enjoyed the social aspect of golf.

“You hit the ball seriously but once the ball’s been hit you have a good laugh and a giggle and just enjoy yourselves.”Running SneakersNike nike vapor max black and navy blue color dress Pixel Desert Sand