For a change, age is a benefit

On cue...Gore Golden Oldies Handicap snooker player Shona McLennan watches to see the results of her shot. PHOTO:JOHN SPEDEN

The older you are, the smaller the handicap you have in the Gore Golden Oldies handicap snooker tournament.

The tournament was held at the Gore RSA on Friday.

It was organised by Ernie MacManus, who said he worked out the handicaps for the tournament.

“The older you are the more points ahead you get,” MacManus said.

“We’ve got some players that are that good they start on minus 10.”

There were never any arguments about his grading system, he said.

“It just runs as smoothly as anything so I’ve got to thank the players for that.”

Eighteen players aged from 65 to 93 took part.

“It turned out to be a very successful successful tournament.”

The winner was Bruce Edhouse, of Invercargill.

The two oldest players were MacManus (91) and Wattie Gee (93).

Snooker was good for mental and physical wellbeing, MacManus said.

“It keeps everybody mentally alert and it’s physical and I tell you what, by the time you get around that table a few times during the game you cover a lot of ground.”

Many of the men who took part in the tournament also played at the RSA on Wednesdays.

MacManus had also helped start a group for women who wanted to play on Fridays.latest Nike Sneakersスニーカーの検索一覧【新着順】