Frustrating run for Ayson in new Escort


Gore rally driver Derek Ayson said his new car was just “not quite running right” at the Catlins Coast Rally during the weekend.

Ayson finished ninth overall.

This was the first time Ayson had driven the Ford Escort he and his crew had built prior to the event.

“It was just down on power. It did not perform as well as it should have and that is really frustrating,” Ayson said.

He had been looking forward to the weekend as it was always an “awesome rally”.

“The public roads are always awesome. The rally is easy on the cars, too,” he said.

Ayson explained although he and winner Andrew Graves, of Gore, competed against each other they used to co-drive together and would do so again this year.

They will be heading to Australia for a rally in which Graves would co-drive for Ayson again.

“We are getting the old team back together.”

Ayson said he was now going to work on improving his car and hoped to attend the annual Lawrence Rally in November.

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