Gore’s Miller racing ahead in US


Gore’s Hannah Miller (19) is racing ahead in her chosen field in the United States.

A long-distance runner, Miller is New Zealand under-20 cross-country reigning champion.

Miller is at present on a four-year scholarship at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas.

“I had offers from other schools, but SMU seemed it was best for me as an athlete,” Miller said.

She received her scholarship by having fast enough times to be recruited, as well as a good SAT (college admission test) score, she said.

She is completing a double degree in journalism and international politics at SMU.

SMU had benefited her running hugely and continued to do so, Miller said.

something we could only dream of here in New Zealand.

“It helps elevate one’s performance and teaches a different style of racing.”

Running in a team had also been helping her improve her skills, she said.

“We all feed off one another and really help each other get to that next level.”

The best bit about competing in the US was the travel it involved.

“I’m in California a lot of the racing, which is really cool. I love seeing bits of the country.”

A highlight so far had been qualifying for the US National Champs as an individual, Miller said.

Her short-term goal was to compete in the 2018 University Games with her ultimate goal being to race at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.buy shoesKlær Nike