Hole in one is a twilight highlight

First pop… Mataura Golf Club member Rhuebyn Prattley holds the ball he hit a hole in one at the Mataura Golf Course last Thursday night. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Ten minutes later, it might have been too dark for Rhuebyn Prattley to see another sporting highlight of his golfing career.

Last Thursday night, the Mataura Golf Club member shot his second hole in one for the year.

Prattley was taking part in the club’s weekly twilight Ambrose game.

“It was just getting dark enough that we only just [saw] it drop in, so we were pretty happy about it,” Prattley said.

His friends were more impressed with the feat than he was, he said.

“Most of the guys in the Ambrose team I was playing with hadn’t seen a hole in one before, so they were very, very excited.”

He teed off for the sixth hole using a 54deg wedge.

“Soon as I hit it, it felt good.”

The ball landed on the green behind the hole and started rolling.

“It felt like one of those slow events that just wouldn’t happen, but it ended up dropping in a couple of seconds later.

“It was a great feeling.”

Earlier in the year, he had hit a hole in one during the Waikaia Golf Club’s Switzer Tournament.

“That helped me win the tournament so I was pretty happy about it.”

Ironically, before the Waikaia tournament he and some friends had been joking they would never hit a hole in one, he said.

The 29-year-old is a former Southland cricket representative and also played hockey and rugby.

However, he started playing golf seriously three years ago when his friend Adam Newton invited him out for a round.

“That got me started and got me hooked straight away.”

In that time, the lowest he had reduced his handicap to one plus but it was now sitting on two.