Hole in one ‘just amazing’ birthday present for golfer

Ace. . . Tapanui Golf Club member Snow (Antony) Robertson celebrates after hitting a hole in one on the 16th hole at the course. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Antony “Snow” Robertson received a “very cool birthday present” recently.

The Tapanui Golf Club member hit his first hole in one.

Mr Robertson said the feat was “just amazing”.

“The odds of getting one at all are pretty slim, let alone on the same day as your birthday is just incredible.”

He organised a group of friends to help him celebrate his 49th birthday with a round of golf.

Earlier the friends had been joking what it would be like to score hole in one after a close miss.

“It was like ‘but that will never happen’.”

He teed off with an eight iron on the 16th hole.

“It wasn’t the cleanest of shots but it was heading at the hole.

“It kept bouncing towards the hole and sat there.

“It actually sat on the edge for about 10 seconds and then just disappeared.

“It was like ‘wow!’.”

It was windy so he opted for the 8-iron rather than a nine for the par-3 hole.

“Good decision.”

He plays on a seven handicap but never imagined he would hit an ace.

“You kind of think it would be good to get a hole in one but it’s so rare you don’t expect it to happen.

“The pros would call it skill but I would call it a fluke or luck.”

Now he had hit one he knew it was possible.

It had been 10 years since anyone scored an ace on the Tapanui course and in the past 54 years only 28 had been sunk.

His mother Anne also scored one there about 12 years ago.