Keen to train with the Sharks


“Practising and playing hard” has scored Ethan Mitchell a development role with the Southland Sharks basketball team this year.

The 18-year-old said he was excited about the opportunity to train alongside the team.

“I can’t wait to learn as much as I can and most of all have fun.”

As a former pupil of St Peter’s College, his love for the sport began in year 7, he said.

“Most of my mates played miniball and so we signed up for basketball, but I just fell in love with it.”

He played in the Eastern Southland basketball team throughout his high school years, he said.

He was also selected in 2019 in the Southland under-17 team which attended the nationals in Auckland.

Training for the season was going really well, he said.

“We are training most days and we train for about two hours.”

He played the position of small forward.

The keys to playing basketball well were to give it your all and try your hardest, he said.

His future goals with basketball were to aim to get a starting position in the Southland Sharks team.

“I know I will have to train hard and put heaps of hours in the gym.”

In his spare time he often watched highlights of his favourite basketball players who included LeBron James and Jason Harden, he said.

“I like their skillsets and I try to take it on to the court.”

He was grateful to his parents, he said.

“They’ve driven me to practices and always encouraged and supported me.”

He acknowledged the Eastern Southland Basketball Association, specifically coach Peter Howes.

“He’s impacted my basketball the most but he always says I can go all the way and I’ve got a good future.”