New jumps promise safer riding


The Wyndham Pony Club will soon have new plastic jumps to match its new all-weather arena.

Last week, the club got funding to replace some of its steel and wooden jumps with plastic ones.

The club, which has seven members, received $5000 from the Mataura Licensing Trust (MLT) for the new jumps about one year after the completion of the club’s all-weather arena.

Club president Clare White said the biggest reason for the new jumps was safety.

“It’s really a safety thing for the little ones; we have so many little ones,” she said. “If they were to fall over and hit the jumps, which are steel, they’ll know about it, [as] opposed to plastic ones, which will be a lot better.”

The pair said they had also seen a few horses play up due to hits to the legs from steel poles over the years.

Treasurer Karen Norman said the steel and wooden jumps were heavy to carry around.

“Each day we have to get the jumps out and they are quite heavy to be lifting in and out .. we get help from mums, dads and helpers,” she said.

“The plastic jumps will make things easier now. Maybe the young riders would be able to carry them now.”

Ms White said the new jumps would have multiple benefits for riders and she hoped they would help them as much as the all-weather arena had.

“The all-weather arena gave the riders so much confidence .. as soon as they got on there, they were just happier and more confident straight away.”

The pair hoped the new jumps would bring new events for the club.

“Hopefully, we will have a few clinics and also be able to run jumping nights and other things for people to come along and have a go,” Ms Norman said.

“We are extremely grateful to the MLT; we are so happy to have their support.”

Ms White hoped the new jumps would be available for the Wyndham A&P show, if it wanted them, at the start of December.

The club’s first rally for the season is on November 2.

Members of the wider equestrian community can buy seasonal keys for the arena. Contact the Wyndham Pony Club on social media.latest jordansAir Max