Big throw .. Javelin thrower Tori Peeters, formerly of Gore, watches her throw during the Sydney Continental Bronze competition where she broke the New Zealand record with her throw of 62.04m on Saturday. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Breaking one New Zealand javelin record didn’t satisfy Tori Peeters, so she had to break it twice in 10 days.

Peeters, formerly of Gore, broke her own record with her throw of 62.04m at the Sydney Continental Bronze on Saturday.

Earlier she broke it with her throw of 59.25m at the Canberra Track Classic.

She broke the national record with every throw at the classic but still she craved more.

“I knew I wasn’t finished at 59. I wasn’t satisfied,” Peeters said.

“I felt like I had a big one and I wasn’t going to stop until I got it.

Passing the 62m mark was “quite emotional”.

“It was pretty surreal. I couldn’t believe it.

“I didn’t even hear the end of the number because I was too excited.”

Her rise in form was an accumulation of the “ups and downs” she had experienced in the past year.

She had battled injuries to her achilles and shoulder and went through an intense rehab period.

“It’s just sticking at it and having the self belief in my body and technical model that I believe in.

“I’m healthy and injury-free and it’s pretty satisfying.”

Peeters was building up to compete at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this year.

However she sits 2m behind the qualifying distance.

Each competition put her in good stead to make the team.

“I’m also chasing points so if I accumulate enough and go into the top-32 ranking by a certain date I’ll make it.”

She would compete at the New Zealand Track and Field Championships and in Brisbane next month.

“I’ll just stick to my processes and fine-tuning and executing things.

“I think there is still more there to give and won’t look to change it up.”

Making sure she focused on each aspect of her life was important.

“It’s a balancing effort and trying not to put all my eggs in one basket.

“Having fun was the mindset I took into this year to take away from the pressure that can come with an Olympic year .. I’ve been having a blast.”

She has been based in Cambridge with High Performance Sport New Zealand for the past two years, coached by Debbie Strange.

However, the support she received from her home in Gore was cherished.

“It’s awesome the Gore community back home still follow me closely .. I’m definitely proud to be a Gore girl and it’s great they take interest. It’s huge support.”

  • Peeters receives funding from the Mataura Licensing Trust.

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