Pony club enjoys 2-day camp


Mataura Pony Club members were lucky enough to have their own pony club camp this week.

The camp was held at pony club president Janine Perkins’ farm from Tuesday morning until Wednesday afternoon.

Perkins said this was the third consecutive year the camp had been held.

They started on Tuesday with a 7km trek between her farm and a neighbouring farm, Perkins said.

There were 21 horses on the trek, some of the parents riding with the children.

Along with the trek, club members made art related to their ponies, practised showjumping and even got treated to a water slide in the heat, Perkins said.

Club members had a “sleepover in the garage” on Tuesday night.

They did an obstacle course on Wednesday where they had to “get their ponies to walk over mats and stuff, which sounds easy but is actually quite tough”.

Perkins, who was a member of the Mataura Pony Club as a young girl, said the main aim of the camp was for the children to have fun.

“I just love seeing kids having fun.”

Another aim was for the children to bond outside the pony club, she said.

“It’s nice for them to spend time together outside with their horses too.”

A parent of a Mataura Pony Club member, Fiona Sharp, said the club was very fortunate to have Perkins as president.

“We are a great wee pony club and we are so fortunate because this woman Janine [Perkins] is just amazing. She’s so generous with her time, her land, her knowledge and the kids just love it – they really do.

“They love it because it’s just a great time. They all get together and do stuff with their ponies they wouldn’t do ordinarily.

“We make the learning fun. It’s in a fun environment,” she said.

The camp also made the club stronger as a unit, she said.Sports brandsΑνδρικά Nike