Red has chance to win plate


Beating Queen’s Park 4 to 1 has given Gore Wanderers Red a chance of winning the division two plate competition.

Each team has one loss apiece in the Southland Football competition but Queens Park has a game in hand and if it can beat Western Rovers on Saturday the two teams will be tied in top place.

The better goal differential of Queens Parks would give it the edge.

Wanderers coach Rustum Hufkie said he was pleased with the team’s performance on Saturday.

“It was a tough game, a very physical game,” Hufkie said.

Queens Park opened the scoring and it looked like the team might have the edge over Wanderers.

However, the players rallied and slowly took control of the game.

“The cahracteristics of this team is that we are always calm and collected and we have a never-give-up attitude.

“The fact they scored early wasn’t really a worry for us.”

By halftime the Wanderers were leading 3-1.

“In the end what got us the victory was we actually united better as a team and, the passes we put together, most of them finished in the net.”

George Aitken, who started the season as a defender, scored his first goal.

“It was only a matter of time before he found the net.”

Centre forward Rory Anderson had a very good game setting up other players to score.

“He was distributing the ball pretty well.”

It was the first year the team had been together.

It was formed because of the high numbers of players wanting to play division two which led to the club entering two teams.