Now you see it... The Edendale Bowling Club is now visible from the street after a "hindrance hedge" was removed by the Southland District Council before Christmas. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Edendale Bowling Club past president Shane Elliot is over the moon with the removal of a “hindrance hedge” on State Highway 1, which impacted the bowling green and obscured the club from the public.

The hedge was removed by the Southland District Council before Christmas.

It had hidden the club for years and he was delighted it had finally been removed.

“This is great for the club. We’ve been hidden behind it for years to the point where even people in Edendale didn’t know where the club was and would have great difficulty finding it.

“We are in plans for the club’s centenary next year, so this will really help with the club.”

The hedge had also had an adverse effect on the green.

“It was taking the moisture out of the green and would make that side of the green hard to play on, so this has been a big help.”

The club was looking at installing a low fence where the hedge had been, with the help of the council, he said.

About 28 players were associated with the club but as it was now visible he hoped it would attract more.

“We’ve had really great numbers – it’s been a steady increase. It’d be the highest number we’ve had in a long time.”

The club had experienced success on the Southland circuit. He and David Thwaites were chosen for the zone six championship teams, which included players from Timaru to Invercargill, Elliot said.

Thwaites would play in the development men’s side, while he would play in the open men’s team.

The club would host the MLT optional fours tournament on January 27 and he encouraged people to enter the competition.

“There’s still a couple of spots up for grabs. People can get in contact through the Facebook page if they were interested in it.”affiliate link tracenike fashion