Technique to fore... Parata day care manager Dawn McDonald gives Parata team member Rona Soper some advice before she plays a bowl. PHOTO: ASHLEIGH MARTIN

Home beat the Parata Centre day care activity programme team at indoor bowls on Thursday.

The bowling at the day-care centre was organised as part of its monthly activity programme.

Ribbonwood won the trophy after beating Parata seven games to three.

Parata Centre manager Dawn McDonald said Ribbonwood came once a month to play bowls and the players were starting to get quite good.

“They have so much fun and it’s exercise for them,” Mrs McDonald said.

The day care programme offered elderly people who were on their own and in need of company a range of activities and events to take part in, she said.

Mrs McDonald, who organises the programme, said she tried to have different activities each month.

“They enjoy it and that’s what it’s all about and we have some fun in here.”

Other activities she had organised in the past included bus outings, crafts, low-impact exercises, picnics at Dolamore Park and even pet days.

“We had pet days and we had a calf and big dogs and chooks out there in the summer.”

She loved her job and was elated when she was offered the position, Mrs McDonald said.

“I love doing things like this. I love the interaction with the people and we have a lot of fun because I’m a boisterous person,” she said.

“It’s not about me – it’s about me making the day-care people happy.”

Anyone interested in joining the day-care programme should call the the Parata Centre on (03) 2088-3810 or Parata rest-home on (03) 2088-6301.

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