Rider development... The Subway National Track Series is a three-round cycle racing series for emerging young riders which will also involve workshops.PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Southland cyclist Josh Miller (16) has been selected to take part in Cycling New Zealand’s new Subway National Track Series.

The three-round series is designed to develop emerging young riders by providing a competitive and supportive environment.

Events will be held in both the North and South Islands.

Josh said along with racing there would be several workshops covering areas such as tactics, race analysis and coaching.

He applied to take part in the series to extend himself and was most looking forward to the racing.

“Every time you go to an event there’s someone new there, which is good.”

Josh’s mother, Tracey Miller, said the series would give Josh the opportunity to ride with other cyclists his own age, especially those from the North Island.

“They’ll ride with their South Island competitors, but not very often North Island ones except when it comes to national track events,” she said.

The series would be a step up from what Josh had been doing.

“That’s the sport he’s chosen, so we’re just wanting him to get the best that we can get him. To put your names forward for these types of things and to be selected for them is pretty good,” Mrs Miller said.

As Josh was under 17 he was on restricted gearing for racing, which meant once a bike reached a certain speed it would not go any faster and cyclists could only spin the wheels after that.

However, in the Subway series he would be allowed to ride with under-19 gearing, giving him the chance to race at higher speeds, she said.

“It will be really interesting to see how he makes that bike fly.”

Ready to ride… South land cyclist Josh Miller (16) will have the oppor tunity to take part in Cycling New Zealand’s new Subway National Track Series.
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