Smashing it . . . Blue Mountain College young shot put athletes have broken the college's records at its athletics days on Tuesday. (From left) Jake Lindale (11), Jess Reid (12) and Lucy Eason (11). PHOTO: BLUE MOUNTAIN COLLEGE

A trio of young shot putters have smashed through Blue Mountain College athletics records.

Jess Reid (12), Lucy Eason and Jake Lindale (both 11) all broke the records at the college’s athletics day on Tuesday.

Jess competed in the under-13 girls event and set the record with her throw of 8.04m.

The previous record of 7.99m was set in 2016.

She was excited to break the record but struggled on her way there.

“I got a no-throw on the one before and beat the record with that but it didn’t count,” Jess said.

“Then I got it with the next one.

“I was happy.”

Lucy competed in the under-12 girls and broke the record with her throw of 7.86m. The previous record of 7.55m was set in 2013.

Her previous furthest throw was 6.2m last year.

“It was different [breaking the record],” Lucy said.

“I was excited, it’s the furthest I’ve thrown before.”

12 boys with his throw of 8.47m.

The previous record was set at 7.86m in 2013.

He had only thrown to about the 7m mark before and put the increase down to having “more muscles”.

“I thought .. that’s cool’.”

The group expected they would go on to compete at the Eastern Southland Secondary School Athletics competition but were waiting for confirmation.Adidas shoesNike