Spin bike teacher marks 10 years

Decade of spinning . . . Alyce Perkins (centre with flowers) has been hosting the spin class at NRG Health and Fitness Gore for the past 10 years, and celebrated her achievement with cake and a class on Monday. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Alyce Perkins has been “pedalling” a love of fitness for a decade.

The spin bike teacher has been taking her class at NRG Health and Fitness Gore for the past 10 years.

She celebrated her achievement with cupcakes and flowers during her Monday evening class.

Original instructor Karen Ansell, now of Dunedin, came to take the class with Mrs Perkins to mark the occasion.

Mrs Perkins shared several fond memories from her time, including when she tricked her class into wearing helmets.

“One of the funniest times, it was a 6am [spin bike] class and it was April Fools.

“I got heaps of helmets and said the new health and safety rules needed them to wear them on the bikes.

“They accepted it and were doing it – they were too sleepy to notice.

She set up the class when she moved to the region.

The gym had had three different owners during her time there.

“I was teaching in Lincoln and when I was moving south, there was no class.

“I had a chat with [original owner] Andrew and we got together.”

Taking the class was her passion and she was never far from her bike.

“I did it right through having my two children and came back six weeks after.

“Covid is probably the longest time I’ve … not taught for.

“I love the concept of the class.

“Anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter [about] fitness levels, age or the stage they’re at

“It keeps you fit and strong and I really recommend it.”

She intended to continue teaching the class for another 10 years.Sportswear DesignTHE SNEAKER BULLETIN