Advice from the best... St Peter's College junior netballers and Southern Steel players Wendy Frew (back row fifth from right), Courtney Elliot (back right) and Abby Erwood (front row fourth from right).

Junior netball players at St Peter’s College were treated to a training session with three Southern Steel players last week.

The sessions were run by Steel captain Wendy Frew, Abby Erwood (defender) and Courtney Elliott (defender).

St Peter’s College head of physical education Janelle Conlan said Dana Turnbull, from Netball Eastern Southland, nominated the school for the Steel visit, and the team had also been practising at St Peter’s College for a few days.

“We gave it to our juniors because our seniors get a few more opportunities . . . and they really enjoyed it,” Mrs Conlan said.

Pupils from years 7 to 9 took part in the training sessions.

“The first group was changed at 1 o’clock ready for half past one, all warmed up and ready to go, so a bit cute.”

Mrs Conlan said Frew was brilliant.

when they said it was Wendy who was coming, . . . so for her to come that’s pretty cool.”

Mrs Conlan said Frew was a player who gave back, and was usually one of the first there at similar coaching events .

“That’s what makes her such a good player and captain.”

Overall, Mrs Conlan said the session was fantastic.

“They’re coming out to the community and making these kids’ days,” she said of the Steel players.

“It’s brilliant.”

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