Super fun . . . Gore Grizzlies junior ice hockey players model the superhero shirts children who take part in weekly games on a Thursday night will wear. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Junior superheroes will take to the ice to develop their ice hockey skills next term.

Hockey players under 12 will be given superhero shirts to wear while taking part in games being organised by the Gore Grizzlies Ice Hockey Club.

Club president Deon Webb said the national ice hockey federation had given the club superhero shirts for the junior players to wear while playing.

“Their main goal is trying to get more kids playing the sport,” Webb said.

Anyone in the age group was welcome to turn up and play.

Each week the players who arrived would be divided up into teams of about six each.

The teams would play across the ice and three players per team would play at a time.

“They will go on for a minute, the hooter will go and they will all swap so all the kids get an even amount of ice time.”

It did not matter if players could not skate.

“Kids pick it up pretty quick.”

Ice hockey was good for developing children’s co-ordination and balance, he said.

The games will be held on a Thursday and start at 5pm.

If children decided ice hockey was not for them there was no commitment to keep turning up, he said.