Taking new roles in her stride


Gore woman Dana Turnbull has taken on roles big enough for two people this netball season.

The Netball Eastern Southland Centre (NESC) committee member has this year taken on the role of tour convener and convener of the Future Ferns.

As tour convener, Turnbull is in charge of the netball tours being played at the Gore Multisports Complex.

Netball Eastern Southland media adviser Anne Reid said Turnbull, who joined the NESC as a player, had taken on a huge undertaking for one person.

“She’s taken on enough for two people,” Reid said.

“We all get assigned one area but Dana has two; she chose to take them both on.”

“She is the deputy principal of Mataura Primary School, she has school-aged children who play sports and also plays her own sports as well.

“We do not know how she does it; she does an amazing job too.”

Turnbull organised the under-14 and 15 Eastern Netball Tournament that took place at the start of the month.

Eighteen teams took part.

NESC president Tracey Powley said the representative tournament was a great day, showcasing the up-and-coming talent.

Turnbull takes Future Ferns each Wednesday at the Gore Multisports Complex. It is a training programme for year 1-6 school pupils.

“It is all about teaching the children those fundamental skills at a grass-roots level,” Turnbull said.

“Each Wednesday we have 196 pupils here ready to learn and play a game of netball at the end,” she said.

“It’s skill-based development like foot positioning, balance and co-ordination.

“We want them to grow as full-court players so we don’t give them positions.

“It’s amazing and the progress from week one to 10 has been really obvious.”

Future Ferns will continue for the rest of the term.

Reid said the NESC was extremely grateful for the work Turnbull put in and had put in over the years.Asics shoesEntrainement Nike