Team on target on long-awaited win


Thirteen years of disappointment has come to an end for some sharp-eyed shooters.

The Gorge Road Clay Target Club has won the Bodkin Shield for the first time.

A six man team from the club put in an impressive showing, striking a clean match making all 90 targets.

Club president Dale Robertson was over the moon to bring the shield home.

“Everyone did exceptionally well, it’s very cool for us.”

“We’ve tried to win it a lot over those 13 years but we just had more luck this year,” Robertson said.

“It’s a very sought after shield it gets to some people.”

“Lots of people say it’s the hardest you’ll ever shoot.”

The team was comprised of Mark O’Connor, Greg Boyle, Brad Warnock, Colin Waghorn, Daniel Warnock and Robertson.

All six members were required to complete 15 common mark shot which they did.

“We didn’t do anything special on the day, it’s just how it went.”

“We even had a B grade shooter in there who hasn’t been going for long,” he said.

“The team did exceptionally well – it’s very cool to hit everything.”

The next teams behind them were two targets down, he said.

About 28 teams from as far as Huntley to Southland vied for their chance to take the shield.

The shield was competed during the Bodkin weekend which was held at Moa Creek, Wanaka and Alexandra Gun Club’s, Robertson said.

The club would relish the win before it began to prepare for its end of year season.

Club members would compete at the South Island Championships at the Southland Gun Club in November.

They would then go on to compete at the Provincial Championships, in Nightcaps at the start of December.bridgemediaAir Jordan