Top bowler success team effort


Southland Cricket’s annual awards were announced late last month. The Ensign reporter Sandy Eggleston chatted to award winner and Waikoikoi player Liam McFaul, who won the premier division bowler of the year title. Next week the last winner will be profiled.

Waikoikoi Cricket Club captain Liam McFaul credits a strong team bowling attack for his successful year with the ball.

McFaul was named Southland Cricket’s premier league bowler of the year recently.

When part of a bowling attack such as Waikoikoi’s, it was often a matter of luck who was rewarded with the fall of a wicket, McFaul said.

“Most of our team bowl well, but some will get wickets and some won’t.

“It just happened to be me.”

He opened the bowling with a pace attack.

“You try and come out to bowl attacking lengths and don’t worry about going for too many runs and just try and knock off the top order, get as many early wickets as you possibly can.”

In his 12 matches he took 26 wickets at an average of 14.38 runs per wicket.

His best wicket haul was five for 24 and he bowled 10 maiden overs.

He had a four-wicket bag for 22 and four three-wicket bags.