Ultimate Challange event back


The Ultimate Challenge is back.

The Ultimate Challenge is a seven-week sports tournament run by Sport Southland.

Sport Southland Eastern Southland community sports adviser Martin Mackereth said the challenge comprised seven different sports.

“Four they know and three are a surprise,” Mackereth said.

The four sports participants would know are indoor football, fast-net netball, basketball and viperball.

“Viperball is a combination of touch, netball and gridiron.”

Teams had to have 12 players, of whom at least four were females, Mackereth said.

There also have to be two females on the field at once.

The Ultimate Challenge had been running in Gore for seven years, he said.

“It’s been working really well. They are thinking about starting something like this in Invercargill.”

“It is nice to set something up in Gore and then in Invercargill instead of the other way around for once.”

The competition was started as a way for people to keep fit during summer and introduce them to new sports, Mackereth said.

“It’s about having fun. It’s very social.”

The Ultimate Challenge would start on Thursday, October 19 and would run on Thursday nights from 6pm, he said.

“Games are between 10 and 20 minutes long.”

The teams would play n a round-robin, Mackereth said.

Having a variety of different sports also gave people a chance to learn new skills.

“They use a variety of different skill sets.”

It also gave teams that had played a sport over winter a chance to keep the team together, Mackereth said.

“It’s about keeping that team spirit going.”

Only a limited number of spaces were available.”It is important to get in quick.”

To register a team, go online to the Sport Southland website.

“This is the first time we have done online registrations.”Sport mediaNike News