Wanderers concede 3-0 defeat

Boot to ball . . . Gore Wanderers division two player Tim Foster boots the ball during his sides 3-0 loss to Queens Park, at Hyde Park on Saturday. SANDY EGGLESTON

It was a tight tussle between the Gore Wanderers and Queens Park Masters on Saturday.

However, in the end the Gore Wanderers went down 3-0 in the division 2 match at Hyde Park.

Gore Wanderers coach and manager Leif Morrison said the side worked well together, especially in the second half, despite the loss.

“We got beaten 3-0 but in that second half especially we had really good defence,” Morrison said.

“Our two goalies were exceptional.”

The side probably struggled to keep up with the pace of Queens Park at times.

“They had quite big speed in attack at times and we have a lot of older players, being in div 2, and only a handful of younger players.”

“Our team’s got quite good defence backline and a good middle.

“We have quite interesting halftime talks with constructive criticism, but we get on with the game.”

Gore Wanderers were sitting in seventh place, out of 12 teams, in the competition.

“We’re about middle and we’ve drawn through the season with some of the tougher teams which has been good.”

The side had won three games, drawn one and lost three.

The Gore Wanderers will play Waihopai at Surrey Park at 2.45pm this Saturday.

Waihopai is yet to win a game this season.bridgemediaShop: Nike