Footwork...Gore Wanderers player Joel Wallace finds some space to move in a Southland Football Donald Gray premier game against Queenspark on Saturday. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

An improved second half effort put the Gore Wanderers on the board but was not enough to give the team a win against Queens Park.

Invercargill’s Queens Park won the Southland Football Donald Gray premier game 5-2 in Gore on Saturday.

Player coach Jack Boland said the team was down 4-0 at half time.

“They played a lot better than us,” Boland said.

“We were sleeping for the first 30 minutes.”

Queens Park made a great start to the game, scoring within about a minute of kickoff.

“After that we were down 4-0 within 25 minutes.

“I think we were overthinking things and putting too much pressure on ourselves.”

After half-time the team settled into its work and scored two goals.

“We were a bit more relaxed and decided to play properly.”

Aiden Waddell (17) and Mark Anderson played well.

Queens Park scored again in the dying stages of the game.

As there were only four teams in the competition, they played each other four times in the season.

“Anyone can beat anyone.”

So far, the Wanderers had one loss, one draw and one win.

The team had also made it through to the Chatham Cup knockout competition first round after winning the preliminary round against Invercargill team Thistle.

It would play the Dunedin team Grants Braes on May 15 on its club day.