Water-based challenges build pupils’ teamwork


Longford Intermediate School pupils had the chance to build relationships with fellow pupils in a fun way last week on Mana Waka Day.

Longford Intermediate teacher Candace Adams said Mana Waka day was a series of water-based challenges that the pupils competed in as a team.

“It’s still the start of the year so year 7s and 8s are still getting to know each other, so it’s a chance for them to compete as a waka group.
“It’s a way to build up teamwork,” Miss Adams said.

Balancing act . . . Brooke McCorkindale (11) carries a container of water without using her hands. PHOTOS: LAURA SHIPLEY

Activities included water relays, a water slide and sponge throwing.

At the start of the year, the pupils were split into house groups called waka.

The groups competed in different competitions throughout the year and points earned by pupils went towards their waka.

Each week there was a winning waka.Running Sneakers Storeadidas